the car is finally done!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! that only took about a month... (which translates into about 70+ hours......... eee, crazy to believe, right!!?!) i'm extremely happy with the final result, but i'm also very happy that the car is FINALLY finished!!! i think i'll stick to looking at cars instead of fabricating them from now on.... but, we'll see! i did have a lot of fun working on it (ps - thanks for the torch help ladies)

this car is a model of a 1964 Trabant, featured in the movie Everything is Illuminated. A novel, turned movie, Everything is Illuminated is about a 'young American Jew, named Jonathan Safran Foer, who journeys to the Ukraine in search of Augustine, the woman who saved his grandfather's life from the Nazi's in Trachimbrod'.

if you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely check out the movie Everything is Illuminated (starring Elijah Wood, from Lord of the Rings)... great movie, great characters, great car!!! make sure to check out my portfolio for a closer look at the car, and other updated photos!

happy wednesday!


3/12/2011 01:16:32 am

Your talent amazes me!


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