well, here in toronto, it is a snow day! YES! and what's better than a snow day?! a productive snow day!!

today, i was FINALLY able to come up with a design that i am happy with for my business cards!!! VICTORY! i have been stressing over them like a crazy person! but i am extremely happy with the final product that i have come up with... here it is!!

what a day!!! i have FINALLY registered creAAAtive as a business in ontario! HOW EXCITING!

so, creAAAtive, you ask? how did i pick that name? well, it's simple. i create, and i am creative. 
now, for all those people who want to get serious and have a dictionary definition, creative means involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work. and that's what i do! i come up with ideas and i fabricate them and make them exist in full 3d form. FUN! i'm sure you're also wondering why there are 3 A's instead of just one A in creAAAtive, right? well, (get ready for this) that's because my initials are AAA. creAAAtive, eh?

anyways, enough rambling on. welcome to the creAAAtive blog, and thanks for reading! today has been so crazy exciting, and i can't wait to finish designing my website! 

stay tuned!
- A