well, here in toronto, it is a snow day! YES! and what's better than a snow day?! a productive snow day!!

today, i was FINALLY able to come up with a design that i am happy with for my business cards!!! VICTORY! i have been stressing over them like a crazy person! but i am extremely happy with the final product that i have come up with... here it is!!

sari Gorman
2/22/2011 07:21:07 am

What a fantastic website. You have put so much work intp it.
I love all the jewellery you have on the site. It is all so beautiful and creative......like you.
Love the blog!
Please keep me up to date on all the new items.
congrats and good luck.

2/25/2011 06:55:58 pm

Hey, this is awesome! The site looks very well set up. This also marks the beginning of an exciting career for you Lysh. Keep up to great work.



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